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One morning when the pc`s have spent the
night in a Tavern,(the pcs have to be in karameikos or some where
near). They will be woken by someone knocking on the door to
theyr/his(one of the pc`s, DM chooses) room. When the pc`s open the
door they see a small man who is in his early thirties. He is heavily
build and dark. He presents himself as Vivaldi Dromidarja. 

Vivaldi Dromidarja 0th-level Human 
Hp4 TH20 AC10(Tunic/Belt/Gamash/Shoes);Dmg:1d2(Hands);1d4(Dagger);
Equip:1xLarge belt pouch with 30 gp and24 sp.
STH12;INT13;WIS14;DEX14;CON12; CHA14;MR10; Alg:Neutral Good.

He asks for help to push his vagon outside the tavern to the wall of the
house on the other side of the street. The vagon is full of things in
it, so he needs help. As thanks for the help the pcs get to choose
one thing from the vagon each If they dont want to, he leaves and the
adventure ends here. If the pcs want to help they can pick a item
from the vagon. The vagon contains alot of things, and used things as
carpets, axes, knifes, ropes, bones, pictures, bottles, etc. When the
pcs start looking for something one of them (DM chooses) sees an old
necklace. To the pc the necklace seems beuteful and allmost
inresistable It has been casted an spell uppon. The victim has to
cast a WIS check with a -3 penalty. That is if he tries to resist to
take the necklace. Or else he can just take it. If he resists you can
try the some of the other pcs. If they all resist the adventure will
end here. If one of the pcs takes the necklace or doesn`t make the
check he will put it on himself and then as a result of the necklace's
powers automatecly fly 3mm over the ground. 
Now the pc is taken by the curse of the necklace. He does not
want to get rid of the necklace no matter what! Even he would loose his 
life in keeping the necklace. Only a Dispell Magic spell can take the 
necklaces curse.  But the spell has to be cast before 5 rounds have passed 
from when the pc put the necklace on himself. Suddenly a steppe warrior 
comes out from nothing, attacking the pc who wears the necklace. He will 
allso attack all who try to attack him or tries to defend the wearer of the 
necklace. The pcs most likely wonder what a steppe warrior is doing here in 
the middle of the Karameikos, where there are no steppes(at least for all that
they know). The truth is that the necklace got the warrior from
another dimension and brought him here. But only the DM knows that.
Well, if not the pcs figure it out themselfes(YOU KNOW THE RULES,
DON`T TELL THEM ANYTHING, if you ain`t supposed to). The only thing
that can stop the necklace after the five rounds is to draw it into
its own dimension where it gets all its creatures from(there will be more). 
The necklace is cursed and will try to kill its new owner. But only the DM knows about
all that. 

   Steppe Warrior, Antonio 4th level fighter Human 
HP19 TH17 AC6(ring of protection -4/belt/gamash) Dmg:1d4 (Dagger) 
1d8 (Long Bow with 24 sheaf arrows/2x Sheaf Arrows +4[Dmg])
MR:17; Alg: Chaotic evil; Traits:Warlike, Impulsive, Proud, Honest, Sadistic, 
Optimistic, Brave; Facial Characteristics:Scare(left side), long black hair,
brown eyes, good looking, strongly build.

The warrior will only dissapearinto the air when he loses his moral check. 
(That is if he loses his moral check). 
After the fight the man who asked for the pcs help (who
really is a sailsman) comes towards them(from where he hidd himself)
and says: 

"I relly think ya should think really, really serious about
visiting a magician, and that relly fast!" 

If one of the pcs (or all of them) loses theyr temper and kill him, 
they will offcourse get some problems with 
that later, the barons men (or whoever owns this
town) will come to get those who killed the sailsman. They will find
the pcs at the end. If the pcs kill the sailsman, DM should make some
problems for them. Cause the barons men will be after them and will
try to catch them.(Know what I mean?). Well if the pcs dont go to a
magician, or on the way to the magician, seven stirges attack from
nowhere. This will continue every half an hour untill the pc who wears 
the necklace is dead. If the pc make it to a magician before an
half an hour is gone the stirges will not attack. 

              Stirge (7) 
AC8 TH17 HP 6, 5, 8, 9, 9, 2, 4; Dmg:1d3; 
SA: Blood Drain(1d4) MR:8 Alg:Nil Xp Value:175 each. 

When or if the pc who weares the necklace dies, one
of the other pcs (DM chooses) has to make a wisdom check with a -3
penalty. If the check fails he or her is cought by the spell of the
necklace. But if he or she does make the check the DM has to pick (or
roll) another pc to make him do a check as well, and so on untill
everybody around the necklace that sees it has made a check. Be aware
that after 15 rounds the players have to make a new check, and so on
every 15th round (if the necklace is in line of sight and it is
seen). Ofcourse the pcs can try to solve theyr problem theyr selfes,
if they have a 9th grade magician among them. If they do not they
will probably find out that they should do so after a while. Remember
that every half an hour something is going to come from the other
dimension and it will be VERY dangerous. DM just has to have some
really nasty monsters ready(try not looping them). When the pcs
get to a magician that is 9th grade or higher, he says that no spell
can take away the curse of the necklace, not even wish. Here are his

"This is the necklace of the doomed made by Dominantri the
great. He tried to make his wife weare it so she would get killed by
it. This way no one could blame him for killing her. Cause no one
knew that he had cursed the necklace, and he could not just leave her
wich was unappropriate and morally rong at that time. People would
look down on him and newer respect him no more. He could not bare
that, so he wanted her killed. He had great natural gifts with magic
and he used them to make this necklace. He even made it resistable to
"Wish" one of the greatest spells ever. But something went rong and
he got caught by the necklaces spell himself. The monsters from this
horrible dimension got bigger and stronger every time they appeared,
and finally they killed him. He never told anyone but his wife of
what he had done. His wife never stopped loving him, even if he
wanted to kill her. She forgave him and lived in pine until she died
of it a year later. But the necklace was lost in his castle, until
this day. Someone must have found it and then sold it to someone, or
propably given it, most likely. The only way to destroy the curse of
the necklace is to bring it into its own dimension, wich will confuse
it so strongly that it will completely destroy. But it may
be that you have to take it somewhere special in this dimension. I
dont know why but sometimes things are just like that. Read it
somewhere, I dont remember where." 

Remember that the pc wearing the necklace
still is flying 3 millimeters over the ground. And he will continue
to do so until he gets the necklace of himself. If the pcs visit a
magician and they do not have one in theyr group they will have to
pay him 200 Gp for each spell casted on the necklace. DM
decides the prise of each spell. The magician
throws out the pcs as soon as he gets his money(and is finished 
casting the spells.) Half an hour after the magician visit 
two Hell Hounds attack. 

             Hell Hound (2) 
Alg:Lawful Evil; Int:7; AC4; MV:12; HP:32, 29; TH13; 
NOA:1; Dmg:1d10; HD:7; SA:Breath Fire(1hp Dmg pr HD); 
SZ:M; MR:13; XP Value: 1400 each

Allso these monsters will
disappear when they lose theyr moral check. Just like the stirges and
the steppe warrior, and every other monster from that plane. But the
DM must NOT roll any moral checks for the Hell Hounds before one of
them are dead. Thats because one of the Hell Hounds have some kind of
bronze amulet around his neck. Let the hound who dies first be the
one with the bronze amulet. The amulet is on picture nr1. As you can
see it is just a 1/3 of the whole amulet. The amulet looks like it is
a quite usuall amulet. Wich it allso is untill it is rejoined with
its two other pieces. But only the DM knows that. Well that is if one
of the pcs has some smarts, then they will understand
that they might need the amulet later. Remember that from now on
after the pcs have met a magician I, the writer, will controll when the
monsters will appear, and you can forget the half an hour rule. Now the
question is: How to get to that dimension, and wich dimension. If the
pcs dont have a magician or have visited a magician, they might just
accidently meet one who wants to help them for free. Let this
magician run away or get killed later(he came from The Lands of
Ylaruam). He will say the same things as the magician who speaks if
the pcs would visit one (mentioned previously) and in the same way. 
Now the pcs may start to search for answers on theyr questions, like wich
dimension to go to, and how? If the pcs want to make the
sailsman a visit he will stand at the same place as the pcs met him, 
selling junk(lots). He says he doesnt know anything about
the necklace, wich is true. If the pcs dont believe him and kill him
the will get hunted by those who uphold the law in this place,
if there are any laws. If the pcs try to get some help some where or
from someone(maybee ask someone) they get to know about a old man
in a nearby forest who maybee can help them. All the pcs get to know is
that he can help them, they get a map if appropriate. If the pcs try to do
something else than I`ve thought of, let it leed to the information
about the old man in the forest. The map is on picture nr2. But
before the pcs make it to start their journey to the old man in the
forest. Two grells suddenly just appear 20 feets ahed of the PCs.They
wont disappear when they lose theyr moral check, nor will the run. 

               Grell, worker (2) 
Int:10; Alg:Neutral evil; #oA:11; 
AC:5; TH:15; MV:12(D); HP:9, 32;HD:5; 
DMG:1-4 (x10)/1-6 or by weapon; SA:Magical Items; SZ:M
(4` Diameter); MR:Elite(14); XP Value:2000 each. 

The grells attack at
once they see the pcs. If the DM wonders why the monsters allways
attack the pcs, that is because the necklace makes them hostile.
Affects theyr thoughts to be hostile and frightend. A part of the
curse. Remember the Grells will see the pcs at the moment they are there.
The pcs will not be bothered by the necklace while they are traveling
through the forest. Except from one encounter, but that will be a normal
encounter not affected by the necklace(mentioned later). 
After traveling for a while the pcs reach a open spot in the forest. 
When they do read this: 

"After traveling the whole day
you reach a open clearing in the forest. It is ca. 60 feet in diameter
and there are bodies all over the place. You can smell a week but
sickening smell of dead meet in the air. The bodies are hobgoblins
and some of them human. Weapons and armor are still untouched after
something that once was a battle. Judging after the looks of the
bodies they probably have been there for a couple of days. A quite
peace lies all over the place when suddenly something run towards you
from the other side of the open cearing. It looks like a cat, but still
it isn`t." 

It is a running. It does not have
anything to do with the necklace. It just smelled the bloodsmell in
the air and went to the source. When it saw the pcs it thought of them
as a threat. And the kirre allso wants its food(the dead bodies) for
itself. And just for the DMs information, the runnig is a attack.

                   Kirre (1) 
AC:7; MV:15; HD:6+6; HP:23; TH:13; #oA:7 Dmg:1-4/1-4/1-6/
1-8/1-4/1-4/1-6; SA:Psionics; SZ: Large (8`Long) MR:Very Steady(13);
Alg:Neutral; Int:Low (6) XP Value: 650.

After this the pcs wont
encounter much more on the way. Two hours before they reach the old
mans house the sky gets dark and it starts to rain. When they do
reach the old mans house (or more a hutt) Read following text: 

"You come out of the wet forest while the rain falls down into an open
spot in the forest. A path goes from the forestridge to a hutt on the
other side of the open spott. Aside of the hutt to the right you see
a a little mini-hutt with only 3 walls. It contains wood for the
winter. It isn`t larger then 4 feet wide on each wall. On the left to
the door (wich is in middle of the hutt) you see a little window.
Inside the window you see light from one or two candles. It is getting
dark and it is still raining. The clouds cover the sky as a carpet
and you feel a cold wind from the north." 

If the pcs go into the hutt or knock on the door 
(wich is more smart) a old man comes out and presents 
himself as Ishair. If the pcs just stand outside the hutt
the old man (Ishair) sees them and invites them in. That is if they
don't climb on the roof or brake the window or ruin the mini-hutt.
He`s an old man and will stay inside the hutt and lock the door if
the pcs behave like berserks. If the pcs then brake up the door
Ishair will not be friendly, but he will help them if he is forced
to, that is if he cannot defend himself. The map over the place is on
picture nr3. If the pcs are friendly and behave Ishair will ask them
to stay the night. He allso asks them why they are here. 

         Ishair 2nd level fighter, 9th level wizard (Human) 
HP:37; TH:17; AC:10; (Gamash, belt, tunic, shoes, cloak, knife sheath) 
Dmg:1d4+6 (Dagger+6) Sth:14; Dex:14; Con:13; Wis:15; Int:15; Cha:14; 
MR:17 Alg: Lawful Evil; Traits:Lusty, Intellectual, Driven, Kind, Brave; 
Facial Characteristics:Thin lipped, Blue eyed, Scar on left chin; 
Manner Of Speach:Slow; Hair:Grey and thin; Age:Old (64 years);
Weight:Broad-shouldered(182 pounds); Height:Tall(7,3 ft) Spells:
Fear, Forget, Contact other plane, Friends, Charm Person, Magic

If the pcs tell Ishair why they are here he says: 

"The necklace wont bother you tonight. Rest tonight and we can take a look
at it tomorrow." 

Ishair doesn`t want any money for helping the pcs.
He is just glad he can help.

If the pcs never tell him what they need help with, they will never get it.
If the pcs dont want to sleep thats theyr choyce. Ishair won't do anything 
until the mornig after. If the pc's thretten Ishair DM must roll a moral 
check on him. If he looses he will help the pcs now, if not he will not 
help until the morning. Well, if the pcs try to harass him, or threaten 
him any more after he has made the moral check, he will attack them with 
his spells. And that way he will never help the pcs with his own free will.
Ishair has no spellbooks or magical items in the house, or money. 
He hides all that stuff in a secret room under the surface of the earth 
somewhere in the woods nearby. Bu only the DM knows that. Ishair was (or is) 
going to contact another being in another dimension. His friend, a kind of. 
This being is going to help the pcs to the necklaces dimension, when 
Ishair asks it to. When all this happens, read this:

"Ishair sitts down afront of the fire and slightly commands you to be quiet.
 He mumbles something and his eyes get totally white, completely empty. After
 a while (2-3 minutes) he gets back to himself. He says: "I've got contact 
 with an old friend of mine, he is going to help you." Ishair then looks back 
 into the flames. After a another quiet moment a bright light appears in front 
 of ishair. From the light you hear powerful deep voice of a man who says:
"Step forward to me he who gots the necklace and those who want to join him 
 to my home." 

 When the pcs have done so the voice says:

"You shall find the water of power in this dimension. You will meet three men.
 Each on theyr own. One of them will ask for food and something to eat. 
 Don't give him that. Another of the three want to 
 give you a map. Don't touch it. The third of them three will attack you. Do not
 defend yourselfes in any way, not physicly or mentally. Or it may leed to your 
 bane. If you do not do as I say you will regreat it deeply, if you ever get the 
 chance to regreat it. Give me the amulet you found on one of the hell hounds.
 I will take it as payment. When you find the water of power he who has the 
 necklace has to take a bath in it. Then you go to the nearest rock who is big 
 enough, take it and crush the necklace with it. 
 You will have 96 hours to do this all then you will automateckly return."
If the pcs don't step towards the light it will dissapear after five minutes.
Then the pc wearing the necklace has no hope (as I see it) to get ridd of the 
necklace. When the pcs finally go towards the light they fall a sleep 
immideatly(when the being has finished talking). When they wake up read following
(he map over Ishairs hutt is picture four):

"After falling a sleep you wake up out on pure grass land. The grass is as high as 
 up to a mans cheast. To the east(the pcs automatecly knows all the directions for 
 some strange reason) you see a long mountainchain with snow on the highest tops.
 To the west you see a smoke rising to the sky, looks like smoke from campfire.
 To the north you see grassland as long as your eye can see. To the south
 you see hills after a long distance of grassland."

There is a map for the DM on picture five(5).

In Badahl Village lives there ca. 500 friendly elfes. The terrain is plagued by 
wild animals and monsters. The elfes of The Village of Badahl will gladly tell 
the pcs where the water of power is, but the pcs have to pay for a guide. 
Just gold, silver, kobber, bronze, and valuable things are taken as payment. 
Allso magical things. The pcs can allso repair damaged weapons and gear here.
They can allso buy this and that. They should remember that they only have 96 hours
from the moment they awake. The smoke the pcs see is from the village.
(Badahl Village). Someone lighted a fire to make a meal. For every 40 minutes
on the grassland roll 1d10 on the encounter tabel below. Do the same every two
hours on the hills and every one and a half hour in the mountains.
Note that the necklace has no magical powers in this dimension.

              Encounter Tabel (1d10)

         1  Death knight (Here in this adventure only on hills, forest, or
            mountain. Othervise it will be a mammal, DM chooses)
        2-3 Grell worker(Here in this adventure only on the grassland 
            othervise a Grimlock)

        4-5 Hell Hounds (Two or more)

         6  Hobgoblins (Travelling, 2d6 stk.)
         7  Mammal, Antelope (4d6 stk.)
         8  Rabbit (1d2 stk.)

         9  Mammal, Buffalo (4d6 stk.)

        10 Elfes on hunting (friendly from the Badahl Village, can only be 
           encountered once. Othervise roll again)

The DM has to create all the things the pcs meet on the encounter table himself, 
except from the elfes. I have put the different monsters in different terrains
here. Not because they can't live or be in another terrain(as the death knight
who here only is on the hills, forest, or mountain and not grassland)but because
that terrain is where they exist on the map(picture five). Or because its there 
terrain. They wont move outside theyr terrain. On another places in this 
dimensions things can be different.

           MR:13; Alg:Chaotic Good; AC:7(studded leather) TH:19;
           HP:2, 8, 9, 3; Dmg:1d8(longbow with 24 sheaf arrows)
           1d8(longsword)1d4(Dagger);SA:+1 to hit with bow or sword;
           SD:90% resistance to sleep and all charm related spells;
           XP Value:None 

                        Alvatic (Leader) 2nd level fighter
           MR:15; Alg:Chatoc good; AC:4(studded leather+3); TH:18;
           HP:15; STH:16; DEX:14; CON:13; WIS:13; CHA:14; INT:14;
           Dmg:1d8+1(Long Bow+1 with 24 sheaf arrows) 1d4+2 (Dagger+2)
           1d8 (Long Sword); SA:+1 to hit with bow or sword; SD:90%
           Resistance to sleep and all charm related spells. 
           Height:5,6'; Weight:148 pounds, medium build; Hair:thick
           and brown; Age:Middle age(145 human years) Manner of Speach:
           (Elvish in Vialian Accent)Accented, loud and deep; Facial
           Characteristics:Weather-Beaten, Dark Faced, Brown eyed.

The elfes try to be friendly, if they aren't attacked by the pcs. And they will 
gladly help the pcs finding the water of power, but not if they dont get payed.
The first night when the pcs are at the Outer Plane a man comes to them. He 
asks the pcs about food and something to drink. He is a middelaged human. 
He says:

"Friends, I come from the grassland. For days I have walked without food and 
 anything to eat. Please give me some food. My name is Forresten X`nar son
 of Draim De`rende. I will help you as a repay sometime, you got my word and 
 the word of the De`rendes never brakes." 

If the pcs refuse to give him anything. He will leave into the dark night.
He is dressed in Gamash, Belt, shoes, and cloak. If the pcs give this man any 
of theyr food he will drop some poison in one of the pcs food, when he gets the 
chance. DM chooses the victim and makes sure that Forresten X`nar gets a chance.
After poisoning one of the pcs food and finished eating his own food he thanks 
for his food and leaves(thats if he is in Badahl Village). If the pcs are out
in the nature he will try to get the pcs to let him sleep with them that night.
But in the morning when the pcs awake the visitor is gone. The poising will not 
take effect before the day after. The second day 
there will be a clear sky and lots of sun (Jippi yeha jey!). The second night  
the pcs will meet another man. He is dressed in a chilt and a belt holding 
the chilt up. He has a long black hair and deep black eyes. And remember
he is not dressed in anything else but the chilt and the belt. He says:

"Hi, strangers. It looks like you need help with something. You can 
 get a map from me."

He then tries to give the pcs the map. If they refuse to take the map he says:

"Well, your choice."

If the pcs take the map, the man runs away and the map explodes. The map
was wiched by a fire trap spell. The explotion will occure as a tippical 
fire trap explotion. The third day, it will rain, and I mean really rain.
The weather will be a kind of grey and sad. On the third day in the evening  
both two men will attack the pcs and have one extra man with them in the 
attack. All three men are bound to the necklace. Trapped by it. It happened 
once long ago when they themselfes got bound to it and then killed by it.
When the victim of the necklace is killed it will be the necklaces guard.
And trappet in its dimension for ever(unless the DM sees a solution). 
The victim will only be the necklaces guard in its own dimension. 
The only way to free these poor souls is to destroy
the necklace. And when that is done these men will disappear, since they in
reality dont have any body or life. They will then rest in peace. 
The men will neve tell anyone that they are captured by the necklace. Since 
they just think what the necklace thinks.

              X`nar (the first man) 3rd level fighter(human)
      HP:25(+3hp for con); TH:18; AC:5(studded leather +2); MR:17; 
      Dmg:1d8(spear, long, onehanded)1d4+1(Dagger+1); DEX:14; Con:17; WIS:13;
      INT:12; CHA:15; STH:13; Age: middle-age(30 years old); Height:(6,7`)
      medium build; Weight:Light(164 pounds); Hair:Blond; Manner of Speech:clear 
      and loud. Facial characteristics: Blue eyed, White(very), small nosed;
      Traits: Proud, Greedy, Driven; Alg:Neutral evil.

              Mao (the second man) 2nd level mage(Human)           
      HP:5; AC:10(chilt, sandals, belt, cloak) TH:20; MR:17; Dmg:1d4+2
      (dagger+2), +spells; DEX:12; WIS:15; CON:13; INT:18; CHA:17; STH:10; 
      Age: Young (24 years old); Height:(5,9`)small; Weight:Thin(140 pounds); 
      Hair:Black and long; Manner of speech:Loud and accented(irish accent),
      Facial Characteristics:Sun-brown skin, big nosed, scar over left side 
      of neck, Traits:Intellectual, Hard hearted, Barbaric, lusty;
      Alg: Neutral Evil; Spells: Magic missile x2

              Tor Falantri (the third man) 3rd level Thief (Human)
      Hp:14; TH:20; AC:4; (chain mail+1); MR:17; Dmg:1d8(longbow with 24 sheaf 
      arrows), 1d4(Dagger); DEX:15; CON:14; INT:12; WIS:14; STH:12; 
      Age:young(23 years old); Height:(6,8`)medium; Weight:Thin (140 pounds);
      Hair:Brown, thin; Manner of speech:Deep Voiced; Facial Characteristics:
      Brown eyed, Large eyed, Sun-brown skin; Traits:Fearless, Driven, Impulsive 
      and warlike; ALG:Neutral evil.

All attacks on these three men mentally or physicly even by magic will turn back 
on the pcs themselfes. As an example: 

One of the pcs pierce Mao through his cheast with a sheaf arrow +4 and makes a total 
damage of 10 hit points, but the damage will occure on the attacker (the pc) 
and he himself will suffer the loss of the 10 hit points.

Instead of attacking(with this i allso mean defence) 
the three men, the pcs are supposed to stay still. As the
voice told them to(before they entered this plane). If the pcs do so
the attacker will just disappear when he makes his attack. This happens because 
the necklace does not have enough power to use other lifes in combat.
When the pc wearing the necklace is finished bathing and has crushed the necklace
and the 96 hours has passed the pcs again fall to sleep and they awake in ishairs 
hutt. Everything the pcs wear and hold with theyr hands will follow with 
them back to theyr own dimension. Now, at last, the pcs have destroyed the necklace.
The necklaces powers will now disappear and the remaining adventurers have made it through
the adventure.

The End

 - Atle Holm